Moving Appliances: When to Know Whether It’s Worth it or Not

Moving Appliances: When to Know Whether It’s Worth it or Not

Moving companies provide a range of great services; mainly hauling off items that you can hardly imagine handling on your own. Depending on your arrangements it may be worth your while to bring along your major appliances such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators to your new home. Carefully consider whether it makes sense to bring them along with you (not just because you recently bought them and feel that you just have to get more use out of them!). If the place you are moving to comes with equal or better appliances there may be no need in lugging along your current items. But there are lots of things to weigh, here are just a few of your moving appliances.

4 Things to ponder before you decide

1. Compare the year make and model, craftsmanship, capacity, awesome features etc. of your current appliance versus the one at your new place. This is usually the deal breaker. Obviously if you have a model that is say 2 years old compared to a model that is 15 years old you it’s likely that you will hold on to your own appliance. The tricky part would be to analyze the special features and functions to ensure that you are not passing up something exceptional moving appliances.

2. Think about your length of stay – how long do you actually see yourself living there? If your response is under a year or two bringing along your major appliance may prove valuable in the long run (thinking 5 years down the road) as you may end up in a place that does not supply what you are looking for.

3. Any additional charges by the moving company for moving large appliances – Tally it all up; you may find that it’s not worth moving appliances or hopefully that such things are already included in your service package.

4. Resale value of old appliance and extra cash for moving – Will your old appliance sell well on Craigslist or another venue? Do you know someone nearby who recently moved and is in need of one? If so, can you really use the extra cash to finance your move? When selling used items direct sales is usually the most profitable means. Even though thrift stores and second stores are easily accessible it’s likely that they will only give you a fraction of what you were hoping to earn.

Moving major Appliances

The above is intended to be a short think through list of things to consider before moving your major appliances. Ultimately your decision might be based on number one as that is probably the most important factor in the “worth-whileness” of moving appliances. Remember that movers vary; you may be the type that is not very particular at all about having a specific brand of washer or dryer, or you may be the type that is just not settled until everything in their home is up to speed with their level of comfort and efficiency. Make sure to factor your preferences into the equation.

So now you know more about moving appliances.

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