Countdown to Your Move (Moving checklist)

Countdown to Your Move (Moving checklist)

Moving can be a stressful experience. Keeping track of everything that needs to get done can be tricky, and forgetting something can result in a lot of chaos if you’re not careful. The following checklist should help you remember what needs to be done prior to your move to make sure all of your bases are covered.

Two months prior to your move…

  • Hold a yard sale, or start going through your belongings and donating things you no longer need to charity. It’s important to clear out what you won’t be moving before you try to estimate how large of a truck you’ll need, or before you call a moving company to give an estimate.
  • Start a paper file of all the documents you’ll need during and after your move. If you’re purchasing a new home, contracts and estimates should go into this file. Keep the file with you at all times and make sure it doesn’t get packed so that you’ll have it available even during the move.
  • Start calling truck rental places or professional moving companies and getting approximate estimates.

One month prior to your move…

  • Fill out change-of-address forms at the post office. Specify the date you want your mail forwarded to the new address.
  • If you’re leaving the area, visit your doctor or clinic and ask for copies of your medical records. If you have a new clinic that you’re transferring to, you may be able to arrange to have the records sent over directly. Do the same for any children in your household.
  • If your kids are transferring schools, make sure all paperwork is taken care of and if possible arrange a tour of the new schools.
  • Take an inventory of your kitchen and pantry, and start using canned foods you’ve been storing so that you don’t have to pack them.

Three weeks prior to your move…

  • Donate any leftover items you don’t plan on moving to charity.
  • Schedule disconnection of your utilities, and arrange to have them connected at your new location on or around the day you’ll be arriving. It is better to pay for an extra day in both locations than it is to go without electricity or heat while moving, so set your dates accordingly.
  • Officially schedule a rental truck or a moving company. Read all documentation and fill out forms regarding your belongings to make sure they’re properly insured.

One week prior to your move…

  • Assemble a “moving kit” to have on hand during the days of transit. This kit can include everything from paper plates and flashlights to your identification cards, credit cards, and medications. Keep the kit in a lunchbox or small case, and return items to the box immediately if you take them out. This will ensure you can find everything you need when the rest of your belongings are packed.
  • Give away or toss any food that will not be eaten over the next week. Keep only essentials in your refrigerator or cupboard.

One day prior to your move…

  • Unplug appliances and defrost your refrigerator.
  • Take photos of your old residence as items are moved out for security deposit purposes.
  • Set aside items you’ll need immediately after the move, and load them into your car so that you’ll be sure to have them as soon as you arrive.
  • Confirm your rental truck or movers and make sure they’ll be ready on time the next day.
  • Write down all readings from utility meters in case of billing issues later.

Moving day…

  • Have plenty of cash on hand for paying movers and handling last-minute issues.
  • Supervise loading and unloading of the truck.
  • Keep plenty of paper on hand to write down any issues with damaged belongings or questions that might arise.
  • Make sure someone stays behind at the old location to answer mover’s questions and guard the possessions that are still there.
  • Hold onto keys for both locations until all items are safely transported to the new home.

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